My Story of Weight Loss

Losing weight is never an easy decision to make. Ultimately it has to be your decision and solely your decision. You shouldn’t let someone else guilt you into it or start it for a wrong reason

I played on

team and hated how difficult running around at practice and the game was. I started trying to lose weight by cutting down all the fast food, junk, and soda. By Halloween, I was down by 44 pounds. I also started to work out for five days a week.

Finding the time to work out with an already hectic schedule was the biggest challenge for me. I also had spinal surgery so being sidelined for a few months from that was very difficult.

After my surgery, I was ready to give up with the idea of weight loss, but I knew how much better I was already feeling and knew that my energy and well being would only improve if I continued.

I took cardio circuits, yoga and Pilates weekly as well as a workout with a personal trainer for 2-3 times a week. When weather and time permits, I used to walk outdoors on the weekends.

In the case of my cravings, I felt like its okay to give in to the occasional cravings. I feel that it is better to have what I want in moderation than to risk bringing on it later. My weight loss journey wasn’t easy but it’s worth it.