My traditions Of Christmas  

My traditions Of Christmas  

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I’ve always preferred Christmas over any holiday. It’s all the typical cultural stuff that makes it so special- Family, friends, the traditions, the Christmas tree, the fact that it’s perfectly fine to open a bottle of Champagne at 10 am. Everyone comes home, we eat, we drink, open presents and watch Christmas movies.

My traditions Of Christmas  

I am Jane and My Christmas tradition starts from December 24th with my friends and filled wine. On the same day I get to also go shopping with my dad for the Christmas tree decorations. My Christmas trees look like a 5 year old had been let loose with fluffy decorations and glitter.

On December 25th, the first thing I do is run. I am a foodie and Christmas is that day when I allow myself guilt free to overeat. We have cheese, salmon, smoked meat, deserts, ice creams and brownies. This tradition is shared with my dad and step mom.

For the past three years, my Christmas traditions expanded to accommodate one more person- my boyfriend. I am lucky that he has accepted my traditions and is following them every year. However, next Christmas will be a different one as we ate planning it to spend in South America.

Christmas will always be a special part of my life because of its religious connotations and also for a day dedicated to family and traditions. Growing up in a multinational and multi lingual family and following 3 different traditions, it’s nice to get together once in a while. 

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