My very first prank on my college teacher

I’m Rudolf, a 22-year-old college student who actively participates in stand-up comedy and prank videos.

I still remember the prank that made me famous in college. It was on my first day of the 2

semester when we were attending a physics lecture. Even though I loved science as anything related to science always intrigued me, but I wasn’t feeling up to it that day. So, I decided to prank my professor.

It was a big hall with staircase architecture. As we had stairs leading to the whiteboard, when I got called down to solve a problem on the board, I pretended to fall off the stairs and hit my head. I already had fake blood with me which I prepared using Potassium Thiocyanate, Iron Chloride or Iron Nitrate, and water or dihydrogen monoxide.

I had a few friends whom I had told the prank to, so as soon as I fell, it was their job to create commotion in the classroom. As soon as people started running here and there, and making noises, I quickly rubbed a lot of blood on my face to look like I was badly injured.

The professor panicked too and called the ambulance immediately. By the time he went to the infirmary personally to call for assistance, I quickly wiped the fake blood off my face and went to my seat as if nothing had happened.

When the professor came and he saw I wasn’t there, he started wondering where I went. All the students were barely able to hold their laughs. It wasn’t long until the professor realized he had been pranked and the whole class started laughing, even the professor.