My very first science fair visit

I’m Alec, somebody who is obsessed with science and tech stuff. I still remember my first interaction with science and how I fell in love with it instantly.

I remember it was my summer break when I was in 3rd grade and my school took us on a visit to a science fair. There was a lot of crowd and for a time I feared I might get lost in the crowd. But in the end, I got lost in search of more knowledge and scientific facts as that science fair captured my imagination like nothing else ever has.

I can still remember I started out by just looking at the pictures in an encyclopedia, and then I switched over to dinosaurs and the origins of the earth. Then I got to learn a lot about human anatomy as well as how the world works. How can I forget the book where all the inventions were given along with interesting stories about those who invented stuff?

I was also thrilled by the different models our seniors had made. They were just brilliant. From the volcanic eruptions to the planets of our solar system… everything was just perfect. I never knew we could give so much attention to details. From that day onwards, I had a special interest in science and technology. It was because of this interest only that I chose to pursue my bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering. After my bachelors, I’m looking to pursue my masters and hopefully be good enough for a Ph.D.