Favorite 3 Natural Hair Blogs!

Listen, when I made the decision to cut my hair off and go natural in March 2015, I just knew I was tired of getting relaxers.  That's IT.  Needless to say over the past year, Blogs and YouTube have been my jam.  None of the other women in my family have natural hair, so a sister was on her own.Here are some of the blogs that have been giving my tresses LIFE, in no particular order!1. My Natural Sistas India, Toni and Carmen are actually sisters.  They're beautiful, uniquely individual and weave in natural hair, beauty, culture and their lives effortlessly.  It was one of the first blogs I came across, and I've recreated their YouTube tutorials with great results!  I also love their Facebook Fan Page.  They have a WONDERFUL, positive community there.  I always love to see people interacting and giving great content to their followers.

2.  Natural Hair Rules!
Tamara Floyd, creator of NHR, is really just EVERYTHING!  I happened to stumble across post of hers in a mutual blogger group that we're in, saw that she wrote about natural hair and clicked on to her website.  She had me at her content!  I'm secretly quite a crunchy girl.. love to make my own products and have so many questions being just barely a Toddler in this Natural Hair game.  So when I realized that she basically had every question I have answered... well, let's just say I have to give myself time limits when I'm on her site!
3.  Sadora Paris

Who are your favorite natural hair bloggers?

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