Clay + Charcoal: The New Shea Butter

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You'd be hard pressed to find a sister that isn’t well versed in what we lovingly call “The Butters”. The butters actually include oils AND butters that we use in everything from skin and hair care, and sometimes even cooking. Shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil and more, all raw and organic make up a great deal of our products, whether you’re doing store bought or making your own.

I’ve been noticing lately the rise of two new ingredients. Well, actually – they are not new, but are getting more shine than usual: charcoal and clay. Both have multiple uses and give great results for their respective purposes. One of the face masks that I’ve used for years has charcoal in it. Let me tell you, that mask (affectionately named The Stripper) would get me ALL the way together. Charcoal is known to strip and absorb toxins from the skin and is a GREAT makeup remover. I’ve also seen it being used as a natural teeth whitener. Then, last weekend my 3 yr old contracted a stomach bug. Like every millennial parent, I asked the masses on Facebook for some ideas to help him…and lo and behold, 3 of my friends told me to mix some activated charcoal in his applesauce while we did the BRAT diet. This stuff is everywhere.

A few weeks ago, my friend Chante was posting pictures of her Bentonite Clay face and hair masks. Now, Chante is the “Get You Right” go to girl… when it comes to holistic, natural hair care, skin care, exercise and wellness overall, if Chante endorses it, then dammit, I’m in. I am on her to start a blog so she can share her Magic with the Masses. Anywho, a quick google search let me know that Bentonite Clay is all you need to be great. So, of course I hit up Amazon Prime and in a few days my hair will be giving YOU life and we can be great together.

Chante with her clay hair mask.  And girl has some GORGEOUS natural hair.
Chante' with her Bentonite Clay Face Mask.  I can't help but giggle at this picture, it has the FUNNIEST backstory ever.  If she ever gets that blog up, I'll request that she share with you, too.

I researched a great homemade recipe for the hair mask that I can’t wait to use!

Here's more info from Natural Hair Blogger, AfroBella about the wonderment that is Charcoal.

And because I love ya'll here's a recipe I found for using charcoal as a teeth whitener and a face mask.  You're welcome.

So there you have it… they're not actual BUTTERS, but we should definitely add these two to our hair care and skin care arsenal!  I'll give a follow up in a few days after my hair mask.

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