Netflix's The Scociety Review

The Society is a gripping teen drama that takes you through the day to day lives of a group of teenagers, with a hint of supernatural intervention. In the beginning, the show just comes off as any other typical teenage drama narrating the tale of high school rivalry between the famous kids and the underdogs. But, the story takes a turn after a group of students belonging to a rich town in Connecticut are compelled to come back early from a school trip, only to find a deserted school and deserted homes. With no parents and teachers at their disposal, the kids find their way out to an endless forest, which is the only way that is connected to their home town.

If you are expecting that this show will take you deeper into the mystery world of these kids, then you might be disappointed. For as much as there was a scope of thrilling mystery in the show, it seemingly revolves more around the theme of power roles across gender and morality in the context of modern sensibilities. The Society will remind you of the Lord of the Flies, and if you are someone who is unfamiliar with the latter might even find this new Netflix drama amusing in some ways. 

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