'News media is the opposition, needs to shut its mouth': Bannon

'News media is the opposition, needs to shut its mouth': Bannon

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17fourth estate18 the media is here to monitor the political process in order to ensure that political players don't abuse the democratic process.

That's the very definition of it but it is not how Bannon sees it, according to a rare interview with the NY Times.

The press needs to shut up and listen, he said, they should be humiliated right now. They don't understand what's happening in America and they don't understand why Donald Trump is president.

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The free press is being targeted with bully tactics, sparking a variety of responses on Twitter.

Freedom of the press is guaranteed under the First Amendment. There's that.

The media won't stop producing cat posts just because they were told to shut up.

When Shannyn Moore points out 132talks like a wife beater133Tom Hilton reminds us he's been charged in a domestic violence case in 1996 incident with a woman he divorced the following year.

It's not your imagination, a presidential advisor telling the media to shut up moves the US beyond democratic values.

The American Civil Liberties Union responds: See you in court if the Trump administration tries to make the media keep its mouth shut.

183Interpreter184Day 6, the Trump administration is targeting free press, dissent from within government, and, the most vulnerable in society.

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