NY Governor Cuomo, Infanticide, And The Democratic Party Agenda

Via Ben Garrison

The Virginia legislature submitted a bill that would allow abortions to occur right up until the moment of delivery—and even beyond if the baby survived the procedure.

Virginia’s governor, Ralph Northam, supported the bill along with his fellow Democrats and feminists who apparently consider babies no more than an assemblage of meaningless molecules. The law didn’t pass, but other abortion lovers in New York loudly applauded the passage of a similar bill in their state. They are now free to butcher innocent lives at will.

Then it was revealed that Northam donned a racist costume in high school. He either dressed up in blackface or wore a KKK outfit. It remains unclear which one was him, but a photo showing the two on his yearbook page was damning. Why hasn’t it been revealed before? I started thinking it was only revealed now in order to distract from the abortion controversy.

It’s time to stand up for what is right in this world. Common sense tells us that the murder of innocent babies isn’t right and is also horrific.

—Ben Garrison

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