Which Fly Should You Use in Fly Fishing?

Are you a big fan of fly fishing? Finding the right type of fly is a common concern for anyone willing to do fly fishing. I’m a 23-year old social activist and painter, who loves to try out new things. I have many exciting hobbies, and fly fishing is one of them. If you are confused about which fly to use in your fishing endeavors, let me share some interesting insights to help you get started.

  • Dry Flies

    The most widely used fly in trout fishing is the dry fly. The dry fly is designed to stay afloat and can attract insects floating on the surface of the water. For the fish present below the surface level, it can be an attractive spot. If the fish finds it appealing, it might latch itself on it, falling prey to the trap.

  • Terrestrial Flies

    This is an uncommon variant that matches the terrestrial bugs like grasshoppers, crickets, ants. These flies are suspended on the surface of the water. Larger than the dry flies, terrestrial flies have a more realistic appeal.

  • Attractor Flies

    Attractor flies are built in the image of insects, and their bright colors grab the trout’s attention instantly.

  • Nymph Flies

    Nymph flies resemble an insect’s nymph life cycle stage. Since this stage involves the insect spending its time underwater, it is used to catch trout lying below the surface.

    Fly fishing can be tricky for novice and expert users. Know which fly to use to make the most of your fly fishing activities.

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