Pangs of A-dolt-ting

Hi, I’m a blogger and a full-time writer. If you are struggling to become a better adult like me, let me rant about my experiences with you.

I’m still a fresher in my field, who is having a hard time getting things together. Adulting, as you may have guessed, is all about managing your responsibilities deftly. For twenty-something millennial like me, it’s easy to feel confused and lost. The most devilish aspect of adulting in this digital world is balancing work with personal life. Nobody teaches you to juggle multiple chores whilst sustaining a healthy lifestyle. I share my apartment with another roommate, and it seems like an ordeal sometimes. Although my roommate is no hell raiser, not having the room to myself sucks big time. You can call me fussy but I value my privacy over everything else.

Like any full-time working professional, I spend half of my days outside and everyday rituals like grocery shopping, cleaning utensils, attending appointments, etc. repulse me like anything. Most of the time I fail to observe these rituals and go to bed with a fractured motivation.

If I can suggest one survival hack, I’ll say you need to declutter your home and workplace to augment your productivity. Although I’m not always great at having my shit together, I try to sanitize my apartment from time to time. I’ll try to brainstorm some fresh ideas for my next post. As of now, keep posting about your thoughts on adulting.