Dealing with People During Pregnancy

It’s long been said that it takes a village to raise a baby. Sometimes it actually feels true. However, at some point of time most of the people in the village are over opinionated.

It’s your body and your baby, so nobody can teach you the real meaning of motherhood. As soon as my child was born, there were a number of opinions coming out from everyone around me. Sometimes I used to lose my cool while getting some unwanted opinions during my pregnancy.

Your relationship with your partner changes as soon as he gets to know that you’re pregnant. He is the right person who’s opinion should be truly considered as the baby belongs to both of you. If you want to ease tensions in your motherhood with your partner, talk to them about it. Make them feel the movement of the baby to increase his bonding with the baby.

Dealing with grandparents is a difficult task. It was the same even in my case. Sometimes, there are unsolicited advice which are maddening. Discuss the problem with your partner and make the grandparents understand about it ensuring that they are equally important.

If there’s an unwanted advice from a stranger, just be diplomatic. Politely tell them sorry and you cannot take the advice. In case, if the strangers are being intrusive, you don’t have to be polite, you can answer them back in your own manner.

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