Parents calling for PubG Ban in India: Are the parents at fault or the kids?

I am Rudolf, a college student who loves gaming. I also love reading news and my primary source of news is the internet. The other day I was browsing through the news and my eye glanced across a title involving PubG Mobile. As soon as I saw the headline, I clicked the title because it was very funny.

When I read the post, I got to know that “a kid giving his exams had written the instructions on how to download and play PubG Mobile in his answer sheet and that his parents were summoned”.

As funny as this incident is, it isn’t really the fault of anyone… especially not PubG.

Those who are serious about their studies never let their studies slack even with a lot of distractions around and those who are least bothered about studies usually look for entertainment sources that could drive them away from studies.

In my opinion, the parents were wrong in blaming PubG Mobile for their kid’s indiscretions. The parents have to take some of the blame as they were the ones who got their kid a smartphone in the first place. They should have been more responsible and controlling at home before the situation got out of hand.

Another theory might be that this incident is being blown out of proportion to make sure PubG is banned in India. It isn’t the first time kids have written something other than the answer in their answer sheets. When I was in school, there used to be a lot of incidents where kids would write lyrics of songs instead of answers. No one uttered a word about banning Bollywood songs, did they? So why should PubG suffer the same fate?