Personality Test. Would You Be a Superhero or Supervillain?

Imagine... You have been an anti-hero, always up to mischief and interfering with the activity of the League of Superheroes. You never did any real harm to simple people. Suddenly, the League lost its authenticity and moved underground. You are upset. Not long ago, Hammer Man was going about his business and, in the process, he put the lives of 10 children at risk. It could have finished badly if not for you. You arrived just in time with some of your anti-hero tools. The leader of the League thanked you and proposed that you join the League of Superheroes. You did not answer; disappearing in a puff of smoke. Your faith in the League has been shaken up a bit. Now you start to think seriously about his proposition. What if your mission is not to harm but to help? What will you do?
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