Easy April Fools Pranks

“Winter is coming" no just kidding, actually it is the April Fools that is coming your way and you know how it goes. If some of you aren't familiar with the April Fools, they should get a clear insight into the subject. Actually, April fool comes on 1st of April where you get to receive funny pranks, calls, messages or verbal announcements from friends and family that something has happened and the sole purpose of the assignment is to scare the soul out of your body. But in the end, it is just a prank, a silly joke if you may refer to it that way.

The main point is that if this year you want to return the favors instead of falling the victim of these silly April fool pranks then we have something in stores for you. Here are the easiest April Fool pranks that you can amuse yourself with;


1. The Nail Polish and Soap Bar

This is one of the easiest April fool pranks and you can pull it on almost everyone, all you need is a soap bar and some nail polish to apply over it. Start with coating the surface of the soap bar with the nail polish and gently coat the whole surface until it feels like no content of the soap can be revealed. After that place it to a spot where someone can use it to wash hands etc. When someone will try to rub it against their hands the soap will not lather basically due to the Nail Polish applied to it and the next person is going to be startled with it.


2. Oreo cream with toothpaste

Another fine prank you can pull on April fool’s day is to change the Oreo cream with the toothpaste. If any of your friends or family member has a sweet tooth then you can offer them a sweet bowl of Oreo with a little twist. You would have scrapped the cream of the cookies and instead placed a toothpaste layer inside it, so when they will start to eat their favorite cookie they will never forget the echoes of your laughter at successfully fooling them.


3. Tamper with their mobile phone

If you are planning to spend the April fool day with your friend and have access to his/her cell phone, then you can pull up the most awesome prank of all times. Simply change your name in their contacts to Mom and the Mom’s to yours and let the fun begin. You can send them some weird messages and see them turn their stomach upside down, they will be like “What’s with the Mom today?” Well obviously there isn’t anything wrong with their Mom but they don’t know it. So, keep teasing them and cherish the look on their faces.

These were various day pranks regarding the April fool, but if you find it exciting then you can try them anytime even at night. These pranks are easy and fun, also you won’t have to go to extreme lengths to pull them successfully, enjoy the April Fool’s day and get yourself in the game.

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