'Preacher' probably isn't anything close to what you think it is

'Preacher' probably isn't anything close to what you think it is

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Imagine that you’re on the couch, channel surfing. You stay on a show, watching for a few minutes before flicking to the next channel; continuing this for about an hour. This is what it feels like to watch Preacher.

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AMC’s new series is an adaptation of a comic book series by the same name. We started blindly watching one day as a suggestion I made to my husband, after it kept showing up on my Twitter feed. Expecting a show about a corrupt preacher (seriously, we didn’t even look up what the show was about), we were utterly confused when it debuted and we were met with Seth Rogen’s voice. “Oh, it’s a comedy. Seth Rogen is in it.”

No. He’s not in it and it’s not a comedy. Seth Rogen is part of the team that writes and produces the series, along with Sam Caitlyn (of Breaking Bad fame), and a few others member of an equally impressive creative team. Eventually, we learn that the central character IS in fact a Preacher, played by Dominic Cooper. However; his position (although the title of the show) kind of seems like a minor detail, because there are SO. MANY. THINGS.

Watching Preacher is a commitment. Each scene somehow is a standalone. Needed for the show, but not needed to tie everything together. As you’re watching you learn to accept that there is a larger arc that is coming; that these are all parts in a 5000 piece puzzle and one day you’ll understand it all. Unless, of course, you’ve read the comic books. Which I haven’t.

If someone asked me the plot of the show the best and easiest explanation I’ve seen was this: “After a supernatural event, a preacher enlists the help of a vampire to find God”. It says a whole lot without giving away a thing. It’s brilliant actually and you’ll find yourself coming back to that statement thinking “Ohhhhh, THAT’S what it meant!”.

Preacher is full of BIG moments, it’s dark, violent and obscene. But you won’t be able to look away, simply because the characters and the need to know what could possibly happen next will draw you in. Plus, you’ll need to make sense of all the crazy.

Since it's airing on May 22, Preacher has gained loyal fans and great reviews.  I'm not sure that I've ever seen anything quite like it on television.  Judging by my Twitter feed, I'm not the only person smitten with the series (or the lead actor!).  It feels like a Quentin Tarantino film, all wrong and super extra, but you find yourself identifying with the characters and before you know it, you're hooked.

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