Pros and Cons of College Athletes Being Paid

Athletic activities in college are increasing day by day. There are various pros and cons whether college athletes should be paid or not. I am John and I’ve been a part of the athletic team of my college. The various pros and cons experienced by me in this regard are:

  • The athletes make sure to keep their body fit for every game

    Athletes don’t want to sacrifice their body in the tournament so they try to maintain their fitness level as much as possible.

  • The students generate serious revenue

    The College Athletes who excel in different fields like Football or basketball help the schools they belong to in order to generate revenue by promoting the brand of their school and also at the fundraising events.

  • Paying the College Athletes will create a sense of financial awareness

    It will help the students with financial struggles after retirement from college. If schools start paying the players, they can help the students by providing a foundation of financial literacy.

  • Paying the College Athletes can cause spectators to lose interest

    There are several fans of college sports. The fans believe that at this level, players play with more passion than at the professional level.

  • Few programs are profitable

    It is a difficult task to pay the College Athletes. The reason is only a few sports bring in money. There are only few money maker sports like men’s and women’s basketball.