Pros and Cons of Job Hopping

I’ve been running the PR department of my company since years.I have seen a lot of job seeking people come and go. When I look at the resumes and see that a person is hopping from job to job, it gives me a pause. The reasons for job hopping vary but it’s important to be careful about how you navigate your career.

  • You can raise your salary more quickly. If you want your paychecks to increase frequently, staying at one company will not fulfill your goal. And once you’re completely satisfied with the level of your salary, stay in one place.
  • As it is rightly said that loyalty literally doesn’t pay. If you are in the same position in a company, there’ll be no significant increase in your paycheck. Even if you get a promotion, the increase in the amount of the money will be less as compared to a higher level job elsewhere.
  • You get the advantage of a variety of experiences. Working at different companies will give you an exposure to diverse environments which will broaden your knowledge and expertise.
  • Cons
  • The companies mostly prefer to promote the internal candidates rather than the external ones, so you have an edge over the external candidates.
  • When people know that you hop from one place to another, they will question your power of staying.
  • When you stay at one job, you get to understand the company and your contributions towards it.
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