The Effect of Comedy

Comedy is more than passing a pleasant evening in laughter and humor is more than something to amuse. Our everyday existence depends on them. I believe that humor is everywhere around us whether you are telling an amusing story in a pub or reciting a dark story in a funeral. Comedy can totally change our feelings in a moment.

Making people laugh so makes the joke teller feel good. It’s a perfect therapy to boost your mood and enhance the positive energy inside you. Various great men also used this therapy to stay happy. Charles Darwin searched for the seeds of laughter in the cries of Chimpanzees.

Humor in comedy is defined as a psychological process that helps people to deal with complex and contradictory messages. Humor causes people to remember information better, so when an information is told in a funny way, people tend to remember it for a longer period of time.

The use of humor enhances the memory of the people. Humor information receives increased attention in comparison to an information which is non humorous. So because we are more interested towards a humorous conversation, we pay more attention to it. It distracts us from all those negative emotions like anger and anxiety. Reading something humorous or listening to a humorous conversation has an energizing effect on our mind and body. When there is an added humor to any information, the conversation is more presentable and interesting.

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