Can a Negative Body Image Trigger Mental Disorders?

I’m going to talk about body image and mental health in today’s blog. As a psychology professor, I interviewed hundreds of people regarding psychological issues. While discussing mental health with my fellow researchers, the subject of body image particularly interested me. I did some research on the relationship between one’s body image and mental health and found out that those who have negative body images are at a higher risk of getting depression, as well as physical health issues.

A body image is not just a mental attribute, and it is largely influenced by one’s emotional health. A healthy body image promotes self-esteem because you accept and appreciate the way you look. For people suffering from negative body images, it is difficult to acknowledge the whole self. Your inability to value your own identity can interfere greatly with your self-esteem, and you’re bound to develop mental health issues. Mental conditions arising from such negative influences can take critical forms, with symptoms ranging from the inability to intellectualise difficult emotions to developing a negative worldview.

Although this condition is triggered by societal influences, measures can be taken to recuperate from its negative impacts. Small steps like eating a balanced meal and surrounding yourself with encouraging people can make a lot of difference in the long run. For an improved body image, set reminders for yourself and dress in a way that makes you feel good about your body.

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The Effect of Comedy

Comedy is more than passing a pleasant evening in laughter and humor is more than something to amuse. Our everyday existence depends on them. I believe that humor is everywhere around us whether you are telling an amusing story in a pub or reciting a dark story in a funeral. Comedy can totally change our feelings in a moment.

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