The Dusky Skin Tone

Fair and lovely is the most popular and easily sold product in order to achieve the temporary fairness. I think 8 in 10 people around me have creases of powder stuck in their neck. Everyone is behind creating babies dipped in milk. I’ve been teased with a lot of names like black magic in my childhood. I remember feeling so awful in my school that it started bruising my self confidence to some level However, I was always taught to be indifferent to all these names so it never affected me. Skin color has never bothered me in an external way, it’s just my mark of identity and I have no insecurities with my dusky skin tone. In fact, I love my skin color and not everyone is blessed with such a skin tone. I’ve really been lucky.

I grew up in an environment with people around me who always showered with love and attention. Nobody got face creams for me to make me fair. My mother always thought her little princess is perfect.

Dark skin is much more celebrated now. I have met designers, stylists, photographers and models. They’ve all told me that white skin is over now and chocolate, caramel color is in. Now, I realize that there is an awareness about the skin tone in the upper classes of the society. I’d like to tell all the young girls out there that skin color doesn’t matter now, it’s all about loving yourself.

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