Rare Calico Lobster Spared, Destined For Aquarium

Rare Calico Lobster Spared, Destined For Aquarium

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Rare Calico Lobster Spared, Destined For Aquarium

The owner of a fish market in suburban Washington has found a lobster so rare and pretty that he has spared her life and named her Eve. Now instead of a lobster pot she's going to live in an aquarium.

The man was sifting through his daily seafood delivery from Maine in late December when he came across a curious lobster: one with a speckled, orange-and-black shell, according to a report on CNN.com.

It turned out to be a rare calico lobster. The odds of catching one are about one in 30 million.

The owner of the Ocean City Seafood market in Silver Spring, Maryland, who gave only his first name as Nicholas, didn't want to send the crustacean to a restaurant to be killed for dinner. So he kept her aside.

"He didn't know why she was special," said Rita Montoya, a spokeswoman for the market. "He just formed a bond with her."

Nicholas figured that the lobster was female and gave her a name. Later he got in touch with the National Aquarium in Baltimore and learned just how special Eve was.

American lobsters can be blue, yellow, split-colored, or even albino, according to the University of Maine's Lobster Institute. While calico lobsters are extremely rare, the chances of finding an albino lobster are even rarer – one in 100 million.

Montoya said Eve is waiting in a special tank at the market while they decide her fate.

"There's a lot of interest. We're looking into all of the options," Montoya said. "We want what would be best for her."

In a press release, Ocean City Seafood said Eve will be donated to an aquarium – possibly the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, although plans haven't been made final yet.

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