Review of a Popular Show: Gossip Girl

I started watching Gossip girl on Netflix last year. I instantly became a fan after watching season. I started posting about it on my social media. The friendship between Serena and Blair was my favorite part. I was fascinated about the life of Upper east Siders.

One of my favorite characters was Dan Humphrey who was also known as lonely boy by the gossip girl. He was a middle class boy who used to hate the glamorous life of Upper East Siders. However, he falls in love with an Upper East Girl Serena Vander Woodson.

I loved Serena because of her girl next door vibe and faithfulness towards her friendship with Blair. Her fashion sense is of a true fashionista. Till season 2 she was my main heroin. The other character who I adored was the one and only Queen Bee- Blair Waldorf. I didn’t like her personality much till season 2 but her charm and attitude was truly attractive.

One of the major turning point was a relationship between Blair and Chuck. They shared a beautiful chemistry with each other. They were from 2 different worlds but decided to chose the same path. Slowly and gradually, Blair became my favorite character. The storyline of the drama is amazing unlike the other dull dramas on Netflix. There’s another part of Romance shared between Blair and Chuck. However, I will never understand the appeal of a romance where the woman has to lose herself respect.

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