Cajun Jambalaya: A Food Review

As a food lover, I love to try out new recipes. If you planning to throw a party and are too lazy to try out any new recipe, you can consider the classic Cajun jambalaya. Featuring the creaminess of rice, Cajun is a cross between risotto and paella. The rich and creamy texture of the jambalaya is obtained with the rice, and the paella is cooked using shrimp, andouille and chicken.

Jambalayas are of various types: Creole jambalaya owes its origin to New Orleans while Cajun jambalaya hails from Louisiana. Cajun jambalaya is a classic, and it’s fairly easy to cook. A traditional jambalaya accommodates all essential components of Cajun culinary style, from Cajun seasoning, diced onion, and bell pepper to celery. Besides the holy trinity of Cajun cooking, onions, celery and bell pepper, the dish uses Andouille sausages and chicken to produce a lip-smacking savoury. The best part of the preparation it’s 100 percent authentic, and uses caramelized seasoning.

Easy to cook, Cajun Jambalaya takes just 25 minutes to prepare. Having a rich creamy flavour, the dish is one of the most loved stand-alone preparations of all time. If you are running out of ideas and have little time to prepare a lavish meal, this one-pot recipe is recommended to you. For the best experience, serve it with honey cornbread or a simple salad. You can also consider refreshing cocktails like Mojito or Gin to tone down the spicy taste.

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