Reviews of Bose sleep buds  

Reviews of Bose sleep buds  

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I am Alec and I’ve been a light sleeper all my life and living in a loud city wasn’t actually conducing to get a good night’s rest. I expected the situation to improve when we moved on to a semi country and it did but then my roommate started snoring.

Reviews of Bose sleep buds  

I tried a number of different things to deal with the sound but last month my roommate sent me a link to the newly released sleep buds. After almost 3 months of continuous use, I’m ready to pronounce these the cure to my sleep ills. The Bose sleep buds are designed for only one thing- sleeping.

The packaging is a sort of quality you’d expect from Bose. Once you open the box, you’re greeted with shiny white sleep buds nestled in a case. They come with two additional ear tip sizes to ensure a snug fit. The ear buds have a 16 hour battery life and the case provides a full charge.

Setting the earbuds was as simple as downloading the Bose sleep app and following the on time instructions. I had my earbuds paired to my iPad in no time; they are also compatible with the Android devices. You can choose from a variety of10 pre-loaded sounds to fall asleep. I’m partial to cascade which mimics waterfall. You can also set an alarm through the app and choose from pre-loaded sleep tone. However, you can’t set your own custom tone in it. Though they aren’t perfect, I’d buy them again without hesitation.

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