Science Is an Attractive Stream and Is Totally Worth It!!!

After being in close to a decade in this stream, I hand on heart believe that Science as a career is totally worth it. Sure to a certain degree there are some challenges that you’ll encounter and the obstacles are so infrequent and incessant that you must be prepared for it all.

I started working my life as a speech pathologist and had fully intended to pursue a career as a clinician. My first clinical work was helping the children suffering autism to help improve communication and social skills. Life after a diagnosis of an awful disorder like autism can be extremely tough. I was working with extraordinary children and that’s where scientific research came in.

I had always been attracted to science. To me, science not only enables to observe the myriad wonders of the world but it also allows us to make sense of it. Science doesn’t take away from the beauty and mystery of the world, it enhances the wonder by providing answers and offering even more questions.

For me, science provided a way that I may be able to help families touched by autism. I felt it was a worthy goal to which I could contribute. I encounter all of the difficulties experienced by many in this line of work. I succeeded in some of the challenges and failed in many without a question. However, I was in peace and

ly content of what I was doing. Keep throwing around ideas until you land on the exact reason why this career is for you.