Scientists Propose Diet That Cuts Meat And Sugar To Half

Scientists Propose Diet That Cuts Meat And Sugar To Half

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Scientists Propose Diet That Cuts Meat And Sugar To Half

An international team of scientists has developed a diet it says can improve health while ensuring sustainable food production to minimize further damage to the environment.

The "planetary health diet" is based on cutting red meat and sugar consumption in half and increasing intake of fruits, vegetables, and nuts, according to reports on and

And it can prevent up to 11.6 million premature deaths without harming the planet, says the report published Wednesday in the medical journal The Lancet.

The authors warn that a global change in diet and food production is needed as 3 billion people across the world are malnourished – including those who are under and overnourished – and food production is overstepping environmental targets, driving climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution.

The world's population is set to reach 10 billion people by 2050; that growth, in addition to our current diet and food production habits, will "exacerbate risks to people and planet," according to the authors.

"The stakes are very high," Dr. Richard Horton, editor in chief at The Lancet, said of the report's findings, noting that 1 billion people live in hunger and 2 billion people eat too much of the wrong foods.

Horton believes that "nutrition has still failed to get the kind of political attention that is given to diseases such as AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria."

"Using best available evidence" of controlled feeding studies, randomized trials and large cohort studies, the authors came up with a new recommendation, explained Dr. Walter Willett, lead author of the paper and a professor of epidemiology and nutrition at the Harvard T.H. Chan school of public health.

The report suggests five strategies to ensure people can change their diets and not harm the planet in doing so: encouraging people to eat healthier, shifting global production toward varied crops, intensifying agriculture sustainably, stricter rules around the governing of oceans and lands, and reducing food waste.

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