Short Films bring creative insights in just a few minutes. That's why we love them.

Entire history of the world in 20 hilarious minutes

History is fascinating, and so is science. But if you only have boring, dry books/teachers, you sadly might not find the joy in these topics.

If that's you, let Bill Wurtz help you see how fascinating and entertaining it can all be. Wurtz has a massive YouTube following, and is known for posting short animations paired with songs about any and all topics that interest him.

The key element: They're
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We start off with the Big Bang, then do a speed run through evolution.

When humans arrive, they start getting smarter, harvesting stuff from the earth, and figuring out ways to improve it (and thus, improve their lives).

Unlike US history books, it's not completely Eurocentric when giving you the skinny on global history.

(It's also

so ready
for memeing.)

It breaks basic concepts down in ways you probably won't forget anytime soon.

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