Should a fixed minimum attendance percentage be mandatory in colleges?

I’m Rudolf, a 22-year-old college student who is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Engineering.

Just like most other colleges, even we have mandatory attendance. But is mandatory attendance even important?

In many colleges I’ve seen the minimum attendance percentage requirement to be 75% to even 85% in some places, but why force the students to attend classes?

In my college, we didn’t have any attendance issues during the 1

Semester where I managed to score 87% marks. While in the 2
Semester, we had minimum 75% attendance requirement, and my grades dropped significantly to 72%.

As hard as it might be to think of it but sometimes forcing students to attend classes can have a negative impact. In my 1

semester, I used to study in my room while also taking part in playful activities as studies didn’t feel like a chore at that time. But in my 2
semester, I would spend almost half of my day in class, and then I would come back home feeling exhausted, in a conundrum whether to relax my brain and do something playful or study again.

It isn’t just me. I’ve seen a lot of people whose marks have degraded as they would be forced to attend classes even though they study on their own and have no interest in listening to what is being taught in the class.

In my opinion, this rule should be scrapped as it is hampering the natural talents of the ones who actually want to study by starving them of their freedom and will to study at times they wish to.