Should men pay attention to accessorizing their outfits similar to how women do?

Women are often known to accessorize their outfits to improve their look. Men, on the other hand, never pay as much attention to it as they think accessorizing their outfits isn’t a masculine habit.

It is 2019 and there shouldn’t be opinions like “it is a men/women thing to do”. In fact, accessorizing is good for every gender, age, and size regardless of who they are and what they look like. It will instantly improve your outfit and add more layers to it.

I’m John and I used to be someone who never paid attention to accessorizing as I thought “Who will maintain so many accessories? Who will buy so many accessories and update them constantly to match my outfit?”

But once my neighbor who had moved into her house a few months back showed me how it can change my look immensely, that was the first time I tried accessorizing my outfit.

Do you know what the best thing about this change was? Everyone was complimenting me and I wasn’t able to get enough of all the compliments and positivity I was getting. I couldn’t thank her enough for the changes she brought into me.

The wind of change was evident as more and more people from my school started copying me and my style. I have found a few who were taunting me for my fashion sense but my opinion on accessories was defiant. I have always stood by the fact that accessorizing your outfit will make you look a lot better and will continue to do so as I’m able to observe positive results.