Should or shouldn’t ‘the wall’ be built?

Hello, I’m John, an American who follows politics keenly. Even though I’ve never been a huge supporter of Donald Trump, I still admire him for the work he has done for the US ever since he was sworn in as the President. Even though millions hate him and make hilarious memes on him, he is doing his work diligently.

However, he continues to divide opinions with his continuous need of “building the wall” antics. While most of the Americans are in favor of building the wall, there are masses that are against this move and for a good reason also. So should or should not ‘the wall’ be built?

What is ‘the wall’?
  • Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know the wall is being touted as a barrier between the US and Mexico.

    How much money will it take to build‘the wall’?
  • According to reports, it would take anything between 15 and 25 billion dollars making it the costliest single most pieces of infrastructure in America’s history.

    How long will the ‘the wall’ range?
  • It would stretch across 2000 miles of rough terrain.

    What does it mean for the rough terrain?
  • As the wall will have to go through mountains, rivers, and even villages, so the places will need to be evacuated so that ‘the wall’ can be constructed.

    Imagine you’re not able to go to the bathroom of your own house if it falls on the Mexico side of the wall!

    Will it stop Mexico immigrants from reaching America?
  • Not likely. An estimated 27% to 40% of the Mexicans come to America via airplanes.