Should Sports Be Compulsory for All the Students in School?

Exercise is good for children as well as teenagers. So, physical education should be compulsory for the students of school. The benefits of exercise on the growing children are numerous. The diseases like obesity are rising due to lack of education about the physical exercises. According to me, one of the important ways to improve health of children is to make the subject of physical education mandatory in schools.

Sports should be mandatory to keep the children active. Mostly, the obese children are the ones who do not exercise. With obesity, follow a number of diseases. When children become obese, they develop a sense of insecurity which is one of the major cause of depression among teenagers.

By making sports as a compulsory subject, schools will take a larger initiative for a healthier generation. Taking part in sports does not only give the physical strength but also teaches them the skills of life. These skills will develop leadership qualities in the students. Students can also build a successful career out of sports. So, it particularly benefits those students who have a natural talent for it.

So, I feel that making the sports mandatory in schools will keep the students fit- both mentally and physically. It’s necessary to create awareness among the students regarding the health benefits of physical education. Therefore, physical education should be made compulsory by the government to encourage the students to engage in physical activity which will further help the government in long run.