Slotomania Free Coins

Slotomania Free Coins

Slotomania is no doubt one of the most popular casino website in the U.S. Many players love the site mainly for Slotomania free coins and the hundreds of impressive video slots perfect for casino lovers. More importantly, all of them are 100% legal throughout the states. The site has an impressively massive selection of games and incredible bonus schemes.

    With the correct strategy, you can collect thousands of Slotomania free coins infinitely. Having all those coins will allow you to play online slots on their website. If you are looking for a game that will give you a thrill, it is the game site for you. It’s likely that you have learned about this game for a while now, having been launched by Playtika back in 2010.

Caesars Interactive Entertainment later obtained it. Slotomania is a social gaming site with millions of loyal players. It offers a wide range of entertaining and fun games just like the ones you can find at ordinary bookies online and traditional casinos. Slotomania is available in all major online platforms. With that, it is easy for you to get into action and play your favorite games anytime.

One of the most prominent features of the game is the free coins. But before you can get them, of course, you need to become a casino member at Slotomania first. After you do, you will be able to see your coins come rolling in the beginning with the no deposit bonus. We will tell you all about Slotomania and its free coins in the rest of the review article.

Slot Games for You

The developers of Slotomania game has done a great job in recreating the same experience of slot playing, which is one of the reasons behind the game’s popularity. The slot games come with superb, intense, flashy visuals which are proven to keep players glued to playing the games for hours. From the first time logging in, you can already enjoy a shower of free coins.

Besides coins, there are also experience bars, piggy banks, and reward points, not to mention the jackpots as well. The game is one of the most exciting and easiest social gaming apps to play. Slotomania is a social gaming application for gamers. It isn’t just a slot game, but also a community where everyone can freely play anytime they want while also interacting with others.

As mentioned before, Slotomania is available to virtually all the most prominent mobile platforms. You can download it for Android and iOS, Windows, and even Amazon. It means you can play slot games on various devices including iPhones, iPads, Fire Tablets, Surface Pros, Android Phones, and Windows Phones, such as Sony, LG, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, and many others.

It offers you flexibility in what mobile platform to choose. Perhaps the one thing some players will find a drawback is it does not cater to Blackberry OS. It is not that big of a problem, however, since there are not very few people who use this type of phone. Now, let's move on the Slotomania free coins you can get from opening an account in this social gaming platform.

How to Play Slots in Slotomania

First, you need to register by creating an account and password using your email address. You can also create a Slotomania account through your Facebook account. You can begin playing by merely clicking the SPIN button. As soon as you hit it, the reels start spinning and will stop one by one revealing if you have a win. You win if there are matching, consecutive symbols appearing on the pay line from left to right.

The Bets

Your bet per line can increase or decrease as you want. Your wins can multiply per bet in every line. It means the higher you bet per line, the higher your chance to win. The TOTAL BET equals to the amount deducted from your balance after clicking the SPIN button. It is calculated with the number of lines multiplied to the BET.

The Pay Table

You may be able to win free spins, bonus games, as well as other special prizes during a spin on the reels. You can find out what special features and prizes you can win per game on the pay table. Similarly, the pay table will show you the amount of pay per every symbol, the special symbols appearing on the reels, and the particular rules for every game.

Scatter Symbols

Slotomania also has Scatter symbols that appear in almost all games. If you can get a set number of scatter symbols on the reels, it may reward you with some free spins, coins, or maybe a mini-game. These symbols are a unique feature of Slotomania that may be awarded to you when they appear on the reels, not necessarily on the active payline.

Wild Symbols

The Wild symbol can act as a substitute for other symbols when you see them on the reels. The only exception is the special symbols like Bonus and Scatter. In some games, you will find Wild symbols in interesting variations such as Expanding Wilds (transform the entire reel to become Wild symbols), Wild Multipliers (multiplies the win), part of the winning combination or Multiplying Wilds (turn other symbols on the reels to become Wilds).

Bonus Symbols

You can find Bonus symbols in numerous games in Slotomania. When they appear, it gives you an exciting opportunity to win some fantastic Coin prizes. Each game in Slotomania comes with different Bonus Rounds relating to the game story. The Bonus symbols could be diamonds or treasure or anything depending on the game.

The Welcome Bonus - 1

Slotomania Free Coins

As soon as you join Slotomania, you can take advantage of a huge no-deposit welcome bonus. The free coins amount to 10, 000 coins that you can use for playing any of the video slots in Slotomania casino site. The free coins are a gift to new members so that all of the players get a taste of playing all the games on the site before they decide to deposit cash for their first paid game.

Spinning more times than other players is possible depending on your choice for the game. The reason is that each game varies on the maximum and minimum bets. In that regard, some games allow betting for a maximum of 750 coins per spin. This could be quite a lot for a bet for some players, but it also means you can win higher returns.

You may spend your welcome bonus Slotomania free coins however you like. You can do it no matter how you like, and you do not have to worry because this is only the first chance for you to collect free coins at Slotomania. One of the most significant benefits of the online slot game is its loyalty program. This program makes it almost impossible that your coins run out.

Slotomania Loyalty Program – Unlimited Free Coins

As I said before, Slotomania has a fantastic loyalty program. It is an extensive program designed to reward its regular players with plenty of free coins along with lots of prizes and goodies. A feature of the loyalty program is that it has multiple levels. It means you can earn Slotomania free coins in as much as the experience points you collected.

Collecting Your Free Coins

Before you can collect your free coins, you need to understand first what your experience points are. Just like its name, it pertains to the amount of experience you have. You can collect more experience points with the more you use your coins. Furthermore, you can get more points to your account. The more experience points you can collect, the higher you can go up the ladder.

What happens if you can get to the top of the ladder? As you can expect, the top of the ladder has plenty of prizes for you. Every day, there is a chance for you to earn more than 1 million Slotomania free coins. It seems too good to be true, but many players of Slotomania can attest that it is not. Each loyalty level can earn you numerous free coins. Here's a breakdown of what you can win:

Bronze Level – 0 Experience Points = 250 free coins per day

Silver Level – 1500 Experience Points = 250+ free coins per day

Gold Level – 4000 Experience Points = 100, 000 free coins per day

Platinum Level – 30 000 Experience Points = 200, 000 free coins per day

Diamond Level – 500 000 Experience Points = 500, 000 free coins per day

Royal Diamond Level – 2 000 000 Experience Points = 1 000 000+ free coins per day

Black Diamond Level – 8 000 000 Experience Points = A Mystery!

As you can see, the top two levels have some exciting rewards, especially the Black Diamond level. With playing the game as much as you want, you will be treated with astounding offers and prizes even more attractive than the 1 million daily Slotomania free coins. In any case, anytime who have tried playing Slotomania slot games can say it is a rewarding experience.

The fact that you can go higher up at Slotomania is the biggest advantage of this game. The more you play the game, the more you will get bonuses that get higher and higher. When you reach the Gold Level, you will find out just how generous this online gaming platform is with the reward points multiplying each time you level up.

The Slotomania Reward points do not have a coin value. You cannot convert them to coins. However, they play an essential role in hacking Slotomania's loyalty program. As explained in this review article, you will be able to claim millions of free coins every month the more you have these points.

How to Earn Slotomania Free Coins

Signing up and getting more experience points are not the only way you can earn free coins at Slotomania. There is a third method that allows you to collect more coins. If you download its app, you can receive a massive welcome bonus of free coins amounting to 10, 000. Moreover, there are other tricks you can try to get more coins to your account.

Download and Follow on Facebook

One of the methods to earn more coins in Slotomania is by following them on Facebook. At the same time, you can get news and stay updated on the latest games on the social gaming platform. As soon as you sign up through Slotomania’s Facebook page, you can claim your free 10, 000 coin welcome bonus. You can also claim it when you download from the download button on the website.

When you sign up on Facebook, you get an instant update on everything about Slotomania games. You can get notifications if there are new hacks for you to know or free coins you can claim. At the same time, following Slotomania’s Facebook page lets you know if there are running slots tournaments you can join for the chance to collect more free coins even if you didn’t download the software.

Play the Slotomania Mobile App

Another way to earn Slotomania free coins is by playing their mobile app. It is a hack that is simple to claim since you only need to download a fully functioning Slotomania mobile app. When you download the mobile application, you can claim a new player welcome bonus amounting to 10, 000 free coins plus 20, 000 more Slotomania free coins.

Bonuses and Rewards

Right from the start of using the Slotomania app, you can take advantage of numerous rewards that can keep you playing continuously. As mentioned in the beginning, you can claim the welcome bonus of 10, 000 free coins. The more you play, the more opportunities for a reward you can get which will help you get to the top. With each unlocked level of the game, you will receive rewards such as:

· Increased maximum wager on every line play

· Increased number of bonuses obtained

· Casino bonuses received in every 3 hours

· Awesome payouts from jackpots

· Sticky wilds, free spins, and re-spins

· Mega bonus symbols

· Increasing Status points

· Increasing virtual currency to overall balance

· More free coins every day from Loyalty Program

· Exclusive VIP support after moving from Diamond Levels

Slotomania Free Coins with Slotomania Free Coins Generator

Another method for earning free coins that many other players might try to use is the Slotomania free coins generator. There are many Android and iOS hack tools you can try to generate free coins for your account, promising instant results. But be prepared to be disappointed that some of them might not work. You also have to consider the fact that these kinds of hacks are against the rules of Slotomania.

If you do this, you need to know that your account will be at risk. There is a big possibility of all your funds becoming lost if you are found to be a free coins generator. Truthfully, you never really need to use a free coin generator since Slotomania offers plenty of tricks within the system that can help you collect huge coin bonuses.

If you know how to take advantage of the benefits and bonuses hat Slotomania offers, you will not be running out of coins to use in games. On the other hand, using hacks mods or free coin generators have a huge possibility of you getting your account terminated. The best advice would be to make the best of the opportunities available on Slotomania, which comes at no risk.

Slotomania Tournament Plays

The welcome bonus of 10, 000 coins can be unlocked with your first slot machine – the Farm Fortune. You can check out the tutorial first so you will know how to get your way around this mobile app playing to your heart’s content and taking advantage of the hacks in-game. One of the first things to know about this mobile app is you will not be betting real cash here.

It is why the gaming site falls under the social casino category. When you play slot games in Slotomania, you can choose from over 140 exciting slot machines. You can select and play games in these machines at thrilling stages and levels. You can unlock over a hundred different games on the main lobby of the system with a set of another 40 games can be opened in the Sloto Classics category.

In playing the game, you start with just a single unlocked game that will earn you a few free coins. A few minutes after this, you get the ability to open more locked games. Unlocking more games allow you to gain more experience, points, and rewards. The best to make the most Slotomania is playing games as much as you can.


Generally, Slotomania is one of the best social gaming platforms, especially with the free coins. However, it does have its downsides. One such disadvantage is the basic mini-games included within the app that makes it more like a video game. Some players thought of hem as boring with insufficient explanation. Some games also don't have a rich plot and story, unlike the other games. Actions also seem to be repeated throughout the differently themed games, so it is a little monotonous. It also takes time to level up since you don't spend real money here.

If you have the patience and don't mind some slight downsides, Slotomania offers excellent fun. You can win huge Slotomania free coins, and the games are entertaining. On the other hand, it might be for you if what you like are fast-paced games. You can visit for more info.

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