?Roger Moore, the spy we loved

007, we are shaken AND stirred to say goodbye. Farewell to the most famous and longest running James Bond, actor Sir Roger Moore. The Englishman was 89, and his debonaire legacy will live on. 


Lyrics from the theme songs of his Bond films are flooding back in tribute, along with his best lines and iconic gentleman spy looks. 

Moore was unimaginably suave, a class act who seemed to live in a tuxedo off-camera too, at home in Switzerland. 

Nobody did Bond better. This is not a controversial stance,

he simply was 007
, everyone else who followed him in the role was playing their version of Roger Moore.

The beknighted English actor also memorably played Simon Templar in the television series The Saint. 

Moore's handsomeness was the first thing you noticed. He backed it up with a solidity and sense of humor such good-looking men often lack.

He was also kind to children, as this anecdote reveals, and a protector of animal rights.

We miss you already, Sir Roger. ?

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Doris Roberts takes a Final Bow

#DorisRoberts, November 4, 1925 - April 17, 2016

Gotta give you props, Doris! You did it well, and for a loooong time! You used to #joke about people asking you for #money when their #careers fizzled out and yours seemed to just keep going. You made it to 90 baby, and we are all the richer for your work! Thanks for the #laughs lady!

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