Stay golden, Donald

Stay golden, Donald

After being anointed BLOTUS just a couple days ago Trump is taking on a new nickname, PEEOTUS.

Stay golden, Donald

This thanks to leaked documents that allege the Russians have video of Trump paying sex workers to pee on a Moscow Ritz Carlton bed that Barack and Michelle Obama had apparently slept in.

The stuff dreams are made of

Stay golden, Donald

Open the floodgates of the internet--

Biden inching closer to actually taking Trump 'behind the gym'

Chelsea has discovered the one thing that currently 'makes sense' about Kanye

Oh the comedy, oh the tragedy

Some might have said the writing was on the wall

PEEOTUS took to Twitter to defend himself, and well, what more could we have expected than an all caps tirade rounded out by an exclamation mark?

Keep it classy Mr. PEEOTUS.

Stay golden, Donald

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