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Disney To Open 'Zootopia' Theme Park In Shanghai

Fans of animated buddy cop comedy "Zootopia" are in for a treat: an amusement theme park based on the movie. But they have to travel to Shanghai for the experience.

Shanghai Disney Resort has announced plans to set up a “Zootopia”-themed land, a first for Disney on any theme park.

Construction is set to start late this, even though no launch date has been given,

"Guests will be invited to experience the mammalian metropolis of Zootopia 'where anyone can be anything,' with a new major attraction that will seamlessly blend Disney storytelling and state-of-the-art technology to bring this fan-favorite movie and its characters to life – including Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde," says Disney's Zootopia announcement.

"Entertainment, merchandise, and food and beverage offerings will invite guests to fully immerse themselves in the Academy-Award-winning animated movie."

Disney's choice of Shanghai for the new land shouldn't come as a surprise. "Zootopia" was a huge success in China, breaking box office records to become the country's No. 1 animated feature film in history.

The Zootopia addition will become the theme park's eighth land and is the second major expansion since Shanghai Disney Resort opened in 2016. Disney-Pixar Toy Story Land opened last year.