A Frequent Business Traveler? You Have Got Help!


If you are one of those who have to travel a lot on work, long haul flights, sleep deprivation and the pressures of work can make business travel stressful and exhausting.

It's difficult to keep your health goals on track when you're jet-lagged and possibly dealing with a major weather change, preparing for a critical presentation, and facing the temptation of indulgent client dinners.

These tips can help you clear your head, lower your heart rate, keep you focused, and maintain a healthy lifestyle, according to a CNN.com feature.

Don’t Drive

Skip the taxis and rental cars when possible and find a more active way to get to your meetings.

Not only is walking good for you, it's often the best way to explore an unfamiliar city. New York, Vancouver, Paris, Buenos Aires, Boston and Miami (to name a few) are designed for pedestrian exploration.

Skip the drinks for art and culture

Heading to the hotel steakhouse for drinks and appetizers isn't good for your sense of adventure. The solution? Squeeze in a visit to a local museum.

Viewing art is a great way to decompress after a long day with your colleagues -- and, yes, the museum probably has a restaurant.

Get off the treadmill

Even if your hotel offers a gym, you're not going to see much besides the standard machines and barbells.

If the weather permits, why not head outdoors for a jog, pick-up game of tennis or basketball or a visit to a local park or riverside path.


6 Ryanair Crew Members Fired After Photo Shared Online

Six Ryanair cabin crew members photographed sleeping on the floor of a Spanish airport office last month have been fired, the airline says.

The image, which Ryanair said was staged, was widely circulated online. A Portuguese union that represents airline crews slammed the airline.

The staff in the picture were dismissed for gross misconduct, a Ryanair spokesman said,

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