Suck it up, buttercup and other healing messages

We're equal opportunity when it comes to garbage fires so in case you didn't already see these beauties on your own Facebook
(or did you unfollow your deadbeat cousin and his welfare queen mother?), here are some fun graphics that Americans with family and friends online are enjoying these days. We are a divided nation coming together in rude healing and shared intolerance on social media.
We're all intolerant.
If you have TARD, you might need the suicide doctor Kevorkian.
Crybaby Bama....
Fake news is everywhere according to
 which is what your cousin reads. Never heard of it? Just ask about it at the next family gathering.
Some of them didn't vote for Trump, but they're not going to unfollow you if you did.
If you haven't been called a racist recently, you're just not politically engaged.
Conspiracy theorists are cat lovers too.
Did you know the feminist mind has all these different parts. All we can see is the red hair dye.

Feeling bored? We can always play a little alt-reich bingo.

LOLs about the Russians! At least now we know who pooped in the hallway.

Source: Facebook