Taste the Authentic Black Forest Cake in Schafer, Germany

If you are in Germany, looking for the best black forest cake then you are at right place! Three weeks before, I was in Germany and during that trip I got a chance to gorge on the yummiest black forest cake ever. So, if you still haven’t tasted the black forest cake prepared by Café Schafer, then you need to make up to that place for sure.

The secret behind the immense popularity of the black current gateau found in Café Schafer in Triberg lies in its original recipe that is being used since the year 1915. Café Schafer’s black current gateau is a sinful treat that you will not be able to resist one it is served in front of you. The tender layers of chocolate cake get their soft texture from the rich essence of cherry brandy, on the top of which is the irresistible shaved chocolate, sour cherries and whipped cream.

The black forest cake offered by Café Schafer in Triberg is as authentic as it gets, and nowhere will you find an original black forest cake that will taste close to what you get here in Café Triberg. Apart from serving the most amazing black forest cake in Triberg, Café Schafer also offers a number of few other cakes and delicacies that will also live up to your expectations for sure, making it a must visit place during your visit to Germany.

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