Tech Giants' Tyranny: Facebook and Its Constant Lies

It is the year 2019 and social media is something that has taken over almost every single person’s life. The internet has been able to reach more than 4 billion people all over the world and Facebook is one of the most used social media websites online. This is what puts it in a position to be able to use and forward the private information of users from all over the world. This came in under the spotlight when Facebook was charged with allegations of forwarding messages and spying on its user through the use of computer webcams and even cookies.

These allegations were proven to be true when Facebook admitted to them. Following the trial of Facebook Owner Mark Zuckerberg and other admissions made in this regard, Facebook lost a great deal of its business. Chances of recovery already seemed slim when in January 2019 yet again new broke out that Facebook has been paying for and promoting the purchase and installation of a “Facebook Research” VPN which is what breaks into the user’s phone and other sorts of web activity. This program has been known to give unsolicited access to the private messages and activity details and history of the individuals. Once news broke out, the app was recalled and shut up which was expected to end the whole drama surrounding the situation.

But nope, the whole thing was far from over. In later times, somewhere in February, the company came forward and admitted that they had somewhat expedited the truth. They admitted that almost 18 percent of the traffic that used the app that they developed consisted of teens which are contrary to the 5 percent that they reported before. While making all of these admissions, Facebook also took a step in the right direction by launching a clear history function that is aimed at pleasing users. This can, in turn, annoy the advertisers that use the history to display banners which is what makes it especially stand out as it can lead to certain losses for the company as a whole.

The British government is committed to ensuring the safety and security of its users online and it is constantly working to establish the safest gateways for the youth that surf the internet on a daily basis. The government officials have also spoken about the possibility of financial sanctions against certain social media websites that continue to violate the laws and regulations that have been set by the law-making authorities. Following this news, Facebook has accepted to adhere to some form of regulation and the letter that was published by the CEO also included his admission about how some sort of regulation is now inevitable.

While claims have been made and suits have been filed, the online world is not a trustworthy place and therefore it is always important to ensure your own safety and limit your own access to such websites because once they have control over your private information, they have control over your life.