Tech Giants' Tyranny: Money Has No Gender

The start of the year 2019 has brought on great levels of awareness regarding the role of the female gender in our everyday lives, in our work lives and in professional careers. It is becoming more and more apparent how important it is for both genders to work together and to be offered an equal level of opportunities to make this world progress towards greater levels of success. While there are so many changes that are coming about and so many reforms that are being made, we still have a long way to go. What’s immensely surprising for me, personally, is how major multinationals and corporate groups are still getting away with being sexist; whether it is in matters relating to job opportunities or in simply the levels of pay offered to both genders.

One of these mega companies is Google! For years, it has been brought into the public eye’s attention that google underpays its female employees but what most people don’t know is that it’s actually the male workers that are losing out. Surprising, right? That’s what I thought. While issues have been raised against discrimination against women and some action that has been taken in the headquarters, a recent survey has unveiled that it’s actually their male counterparts that are under the fire. Female workers have long fought to be able to receive equal pay and at Google headquarters, they have still failed to do so. While their financial issues might be solved, moral aims behind the whole “gender equality” idea have not been fulfilled rather they have backfired.

While the survey has brought forward the progress that has been made in the cases of underpaying females, there is little news to celebrate because it goes against the main principle of gender equality. Critics and adviser all over the world are asking the company to focus more on reducing the hurdles that women face in acquiring equal pay rather than simply paying them more. The main argument for equality is that there should be equal pay for equal work regardless of the gender of the person doing it.

Another concept that the company can and should focus on is that of leveling. This involves evaluating the value of certain jobs in the workplace and then assigning them to the person who is best suited for it. This can further be done by looking at the workplace and assessing whether there is any sort of leveling being done in the workforce. Company officials have now spoken about it and have promised that they are trying to address the issue no matter what the procedure requires.