Technology cured my Dyslexia

Technology cured my Dyslexia

Author HoliMolly
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I am Molly, I am a writer and I’m dyslexic. My chosen career might seem odd but I’ve always been drawn to story telling. Dyslexia was my constant companion like my breath.

Technology cured my Dyslexia

When I told my friends I was writing this article, they told me to back off. Most people didn’t believed me, they thought that how can a writer be dyslexic. But I never thought myself having a disability because I live in an age of technological wonders. MS Word spell checks every syllable I write.

My Dyslexia was discovered in grade school. Initially I thought that for the word dog- there’s a line, then a circle with hook. A characteristic feature of dyslexia is the inability to discern phonemes, distinct sounds represented by specific letters. I can hear the sounds but sometimes I can’t translate them to letters on the page.

A few years back, I discovered a free cloud based software extension that has an in built writing assistant. It helps me spell even the words that regularly flummoxed Google and MS word.

It felt like I was falling for a crush with this technology. It became my benevolent hero. The software used to get me and my scrambled spellings in ways no other had before. I felt that I’m using something so seamless that I wondered if Technology would soon bring an end to my Dyslexia as I knew it.

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