Losing Your Job to a Machine; The Positive Side of It

In today’s fast-paced, rapidly advancing world, it is not uncommon to hear about how robots are taking over. The development of technology has reached such outstanding heights that there is almost nothing that computers can’t do. The use of technology in almost walks of life has made it almost impossible to avoid interaction with Artificial Intelligence (AI). While there might be reasons to speak up against the use of robots in every organization and every operation process because either these jobs require special human attention or some aspects that require the use of human emotion, there are still various reasons why robots taking over our jobs is a good thing.

When talking about repetitive, boring jobs that make up the manufacturing process of most products, it is understandable why the use of robots might be necessary as the jobs become repetitive and lead to the fall in the motivation of the workers, further leading to a fall in productivity. These manufacturing processes, however, require human intervention to a certain extent such as the main operator of the CAD program and quality control to ensure the consistency of the product being manufactured.

Personally, I have witnessed the evolution of robots from mere computers that were used to solve mathematical problems to what now have become automated vehicle drivers. Believe it or not, a truck company in San Francisco used an autonomous truck for commercial delivery for the first time which delivered 50 thousand cans of beer. Today, we live in a world where this milestone has been achieved and slowly but surely, robots are set to take over all human jobs. While the disadvantages are pretty evident, I have closely monitored the use and integration of robots in different workplace settings and I have come to the conclusion that there is a positive side to it all.

The use of robots most definitely ensures the safety and security of humans. Dangerous jobs that require working up close with harmful substances like radioactive chemicals and dangerous heavy duty machinery are best accomplished by the use of robots. Furthermore, Artificial Intelligence in the workplace where the crunching of numbers is an integral part of the job is extremely crucial and can have the greatest effect in saving time and increasing productivity.

The manual labor that might in this situation be deemed useless can be used in providing the most valued supervision and quality control in order to make sure there is smooth running of the entire operations process. This makes sure that robots do not take jobs away; they simply create new ones. It should be understood that no matter how much technology progresses and how smart a robot becomes, it will always require maintenance, will always require directions thus will always need human supervision. Therefore, it should be understood that robots in the workplace actually provide valuable assistance and help to make the jobs easier and more productive. In conclusion, the use of robots should be greatly encouraged in the workplace and there should be no fear of losing jobs because there always will be new ones created. 

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