The best upcoming comedy movies of 2019

Who doesn’t love comedy movies? I’m Alec and I’m someone who absolutely loves comedy movies because it gives me a much-needed get away from my hectic daily life. Whenever I’m tired, I just switch on my laptop, fill my glass with chilled Pepsi, and get a big bucket of popcorn to catch the trending comedy movies.


I’m always up to the date with what happens in the comedy genre. Whenever a new comedy flick hits the theatres, I’m the first one to book my tickets and catch that movie.

Here are some of the upcoming comedy flicks of 2019 that I’m eagerly waiting for.
Wine country
  • Three cheers to Amy Poehler as she stepped behind the camera to direct her first feature film. This comedy is about a group of girls who are taking a wine trip together. This movie will be coming on Netflix on May 10th and I can’t wait for that date to arrive.

  • Jonathan Levine rarely misses the beat and I’m very excited to see that he has a new comedy flick in store. Flarsky is a comedy about a journalist (Seth Rogen) who pursues a woman (Charlize Theron) whom he cannot have. It will be hitting the theatres on June 7th.

    Jumanji 2
  • Just like its stranded cast, Jumanji 2 is also off the map – for now. Even though it is untitled and un-plotted right now, but it is surely going to be a must-see when it comes out later this year in December. I’m hoping this one has the same humor and a ton of action like its predecessor had.

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