The Color Of The Ocean Might Change

       The climate change will alter the color of the ocean in 80 years, according to a new MIT study more than 50% of the world's oceans will change color by 2100, per an MIT study published on Feb 4. As global temperatures rise researchers say blue regions of the ocean will become bluer and green regions of the ocean will become greener.


Based on changes in the population of microorganisms known as algae. In the study, researchers simulated how ocean colors will change as warmer oceans affect population of the algae, or phytoplankton which affect ocean color and also support ocean food webs.


As a result, researchers say the changing color of the oceans will be the first indication of major changes to marine ecosystems. But don't expect to notice the color changes researchers say it'll only be perceptible to satellites and sensors.

Source: MIT News

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