The Importance of food and diet – How Mark learnt it the hard way

Consuming proper food and drinking enough water is an absolute necessity in today’s world given how we are surrounded by electronic gadgets and technology from all sides. Let me tell you an incident that will help you understand my stance on food.


I’m John, and as a school kid and I used to have a friend named Mark who has motion sickness. He worked out sometimes because he wanted a ripped body but he couldn’t seem to get over his bloated stomach. He ate noodles and burgers for lunch (Just like I did, are you also noticing where Mark is going wrong in his attempts to reduce stomach fat?) and sometimes suffered from motion sickness.

Once me, Mark, and Jack (our classmate), were travelling to a nearby swimming pool because we loved swimming during summers. As the pool was a few blocks away, we had to take a bus to get to that place.

Mark knew very little about the importance of diet in our lives and he had to find out about it the hard way. He had this thought in his head that he would skip meals and swim with an empty stomach in order to burn more fat. Once we were on our way to the pool, his motion sickness kicked in and he began feeling uneasy. He tried to control it and not think about it, but it was getting tough to handle. As he was sitting in the middle, he had no choice but to look for a bag to barf. With no other option in sight, the first thing he saw was Jack’s backpack, and he just let it go all out. Everything that Mark had eaten yesterday night came out.

I was sitting on the window seat pretending to be asleep was trying hard to control my laughter. I wanted till the moment Jack woke up to see the state of his bag and when he did, his reaction was hilarious. He got so annoyed as his swimming costume and the extra pair of clothes got dirtied and he had to punish Mark by having Mark sit out the swimming session and using his swimming costume instead.

At least this taught Mark the importance of food and diet in our lives and I’m happy about that.

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