The most embarrassing ‘fashion disaster’ moment of my life

I’m Evelyn, I used to dance when in school. Dancing has always been my passion as my mom got me into dancing when I was 6. As a former dancer, my mom is also my mentor who always helps me by showing me the new trends in the dance industry and how I can improve myself.

When I was a sophomore, I was the lead dancer in my group. I was the one who choreographer our performance and decided the dresses and formations. The medley had different genres of dancing and in the end, all of the individual dance formations merged into a grand performance.

Everything was set and we had practiced on the stage multiple times before the final performance. Perhaps the only thing that I paid less attention to (something I would regret later) was the dresses. We had to wear a classy black and white lining shirt with black trousers.

As I was busy with the arrangements and how to give the audience our best, I didn’t have enough time to visit stores and order the dress manually. Instead, I chose the easier option and ordered it online.

When the shipment arrived, no one was as surprised as me as the dress made me look like I came directly from jail. Since it was last minute, we couldn’t come up with an alternative and I had to perform in that dress.

That year was not just remembered for our dance performance but also as the year I danced in a prison outfit. It was one of the most embarrassing incidents of my life and my friends still have a laugh about it every now and then.