The name 'Baker' is associated with drumming excellence

The name 'Baker' is associated with drumming excellence

At the tender age of 6, Kofi Baker proved that he could definitely live up to his legendary last name, as he played with his drumming icon father, Ginger Baker, on a 1975 UK television show “The Old Grey Whistle Test.” The last name, “Baker,” has often been associated with “drumming excellence,” and although Kofi is always compared to his father, his drive, dedication, and substantial skills has made him a unique, unmatched style that can not be touched.

Kofi Baker was taught early in life about the importance of using both feet simultaneously that would build a solid foundation for accomplishing intricate jazz drumming later. His drumming career started in the early 80’s, when he toured throughout Europe with his father, performing various drum duets. He later toured with John Etheridge (Soft Machine), Steve Marriott’s Humble Pie, gigged with Steve Waller (Manfred Mann), and Randy California of Spirit. In the early 90’s, Kofi joined the Budapest tour with Jack Bruce, and later was signed with Scotty Brothers Records when he recorded the album Lost City, following the recording of Abstract Logic with Jonas Hellebore and Shawn Lane. Shortly after, he went back on tour with Ginger, performing drum duets across the world.

In his more recent years, Kofi has completed The Extreme Guitar Tour with Uli Jon Roth (Former Scorpions lead guitarist), Vinny Appice (DIO), Black Sabbath, Rick Derringer, John Lennon, and Vinnie Moore (Lead guitarist with UFO).

Now living in Los Angeles, Kofi has established himself in L.A.’s most prestigious underground music scene. He has formed various bands like Tapestry with Ric Fierabracci and Brett Garsed.

He also has played in an exceptional rock/ jazz fusion group ​OHM​, with former Megadeth guitarist ​Chris Poland​ on guitar, and ​78Pag79​ on bass. Being known as one of the most underrated bands of all time, OHM formed in 2002, and released three studio albums: OHM (2003), Amino Acid Flashback, (2005), Circus of Sound (2008), and a live album: “Live” on KPFK 90.7 FM (2004). The band appeared regularly at Hollywood’s Baked Potato Jazz Club, a venue renowned for featuring a wide range of musical talent. in Studio City, California.

Kofi Baker is known for his additional bands he’s created, such as Kofi Baker Jazz band, which frequently had Ric Fierabracci or Pag on bass, and Bobby Rowbless on guitar, The Kofi Baker Bluesion Band, session work, and the Kofi Baker Drum School. He was also featured in Modern Drummer, endorsed Page Drums and Vater Drumsticks, and played in a band called “Kofi’n Cream. Kofi’s band had the same concept as his father’s original band Cream, and followed Cream’s recipe for success: ‘the jazz combining with blues oriented guitarist, singer and bassist.’

In 2007, Kofi was also involved in the making of a documentary about his dad, “Beware of Mr. Baker.” which won first place (documentary grand jury prize) at the South by Southwest Film Festival.

In between his music performances, Kofi runs his own drum school in Orange, CA, and noticed a lack of music instructional books, so he decided to write a book to empower other drummers. In 2010, he released The Forgotten Foot, sharing his knowledge of reading music, and providing the right tools to learn double bass properly.

What makes Kofi an unique drum player is his love for variety and improvising. He mentioned in an interview, “ I take the arrangements and the songs, but I play them my own way. And I play them different every night.” (Colorado Springs Independent)

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