The perfect stylist

We learn to dress ourselves from kindergarten. However somewhere along the way choosing clothing became a despair inducing exercise. That’s where I found myself. I am Molly and i started a job where I could work from home. With great relish I had donated my work clothes and I had nowhere to really go every day.

But guess what, even writers have to leave the house sometimes. And when I needed to go out I had the remnants of my old wardrobe that made my blood pressure spike every time I stepped my closet.

Finally I hired a professional by starting a remote several week programs by Stewart Close.

Rather than plunging into shopping I stepped back and thought about my style and what it says about me. It felt more like talking with a therapist than talking with a stylist.

Next up was a deep dive into my closet to identify the pieces I wear the most and what I love the most. My stylist developed my fashion strategy by helping me to make time efficient decisions and save money.

After my second video call, my mentor reminded me that it’s not about the article of clothing to keep as a memory but the real memory in your heart and mind. Our feelings have nothing to do with clothes.

After thoughtful processing of my self-reflection and inspirations, Stewart shopped for me. Now I have the wardrobe that expresses my inner self and beauty. My only regret is not taking these step years ago.

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