The Story of a Cashmere Shawl

I was lucky to born in a family, where I was only surrounded
independent and
women. From my mother, both my grandmothers, to my aunts; I had women all around me who had found the courage to believe in their dreams, and come what
achieve success in their respective journeys.

As I am onto starting my new journey as an entrepreneur, I am reminded of my mother’s inspiring story that made her achieve so much in life. As my father had to relocate for a new job, we all had moved in with him into a new state. Once, my mother was wearing an exquisite cashmere shawl to a party in our building. She had got that piece from Kashmir, India that was also her hometown. During that party, an elegant middle-aged lady, who was also a resident in the building came to my mother and couldn’t stop gushing about that pretty cashmere shawl that she was adorning. My mother is the woman she was, got a similar piece from her next trip to India to gift it to that lady. Our neighbor being the dignified women she did not accept the shawl until my mom accepted the money it cost for.

Switch to today, my mother is successfully running an import business of cashmere shawls and other handicrafts from Kashmir, India. Had, it not been that neighbor of ours, the support of my grandmom in India, and much above my mother’s will to do something of her own; I wouldn’t have found an inspiration to go ahead with my dreams.